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It provides our students with a truly comprehensive education that encompasses all aspects of the individual.

The methodological processes used agree with the different developmental stages of the child and are aimed at achieving the desired skills and competencies.

¿What do we look for in our daily work?

  • Develop an environment of harmonious relationships and group work with cooperative rather than competitive tendencies.
  • Promote self-esteem and respect for others.
  • Live, within the school environment, the social, civic and moral values ​​necessary to become citizens who contribute positively to the country.
  • Promote the acquisition of autonomy, independence, responsibility and work habits.
  • Encourage reading as one of the most important skills for the development of children since several brain processes and all thought functions are involved in it.
  • Through our Reading Encouragement program, each student manages to read an average of 30 books during the school year.
  • Develop, in intensive terms, the learning of a second language (English), through a process of total immersion in the language.
  • Stimulate the development of reasoning and logical and analytical processes.
  • Insert children into the most advanced technologies, as a means for their academic and scientific development.
  • Practice sports and recreational activities. For this we have soccer, volleyball, basketball fields and green spaces ideal for student recreation.
  • Promote the development of sensitivity and taste for art as a primary source of human expression.
  • Promote warm and close communication with parents in pursuit of effective coordination for the benefit of the children.