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Our Preschool promotes the comprehensive development of children using pedagogical processes that encompass all aspects of their lives.

We have designed a cheerful and functional environment that constantly fosters valuable learning experiences.

¿What do we look for in our daily work?

  • Insert children into an environment of harmonious relationships with people and the environment.
  • Promote self-esteem and respect for others.
  • Promote the discovery of your own qualities and aptitudes.
  • Cultivate essential values ​​such as responsibility, friendship, honesty, solidarity and justice.
  • Promote the acquisition of autonomy, independence, responsibility and work habits.
  • Develop creativity, initiative and research.
  • Introduce children to learning a second language (English), through a process of total immersion in the language.
  • Promote the development of sensitivity and taste for art as a primary source of human expression.
  • Use the game as a means for self-knowledge and for valuing one's body and health.
  • Initiate children in research processes through observation, experimentation and care of nature and contact with different natural phenomena.
  • Encourage the participation of parents in their children's activities to develop harmonious work with the Institution.